About Us

We are visual storytellers.

At Lulu Creative Studio we create the best bedtime stories. We help companies like yours make strong and lasting first impressions with unique website designs, a strong social media presence, creative branding, and more. We create value for you by helping you create value for your customers.

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What we do and what we don’t do


  • Make you shine online.
  • Responsive website design.
  • Engage customers to cultivate loyalty.
  • Get to know the ins and outs of your business.
  • Create designs that stand out and make an impact.


  • Bore your audience with untested strategies.
  • Design websites that don’t adjust for a phone or tablet.
  • Stagnant marketing strategies that don’t work.
  • Market your services to the wrong audience.
  • Follow overused and ineffective trends.

Online Marketing
Don’t just be online.
Shine online with designs by Lulu.

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Our Clients





  • Testimonial
    Children's Health Center, Texas Pediatric Clinic

    Since Lulu Creative Studio has taken control of our advertisement, social networking pages promotions and website, we have seen an incredible increase in new patients walking through our door on a daily basis. Lulu Creative Studio has used their marketing expertise and creativity to keep our patients interested and spreading the word about Children's Health Center and our services.

  • Testimonial
    Anne-Marie Lane, Brisbane Personal Trainer

    Lana has been assisting me with my social media for over a month now and already I am seeing great results! She is supportive, patient and professional and has not only helped manage my social media, but also educated me on how I can post more effectively myself. I know that with Lana's help my business will be flourishing in no time! Highly recommended!

  • Testimonial
    General Surgery Consultants, Texas Medical Clinic

    I hired Lulu Creative Studio for all my design needs. They take care of everything from my branding to website design. I had no idea what I was looking for when I came to Lulu, and they managed to design a logo that fits myself and my company well. I'm very excited about the new logo design and website they have created for my company.

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